Landscape character assessments

Landscape character assessments (LCAs) describe and record what makes parts of Buckinghamshire different, distinctive or special. They use data from various landscape themes including:

  • geodiversity
  • biodiversity
  • archaeology
  • cultural heritage
  • tranquility studies

How LCAs are used for planning

LCAs are used as a tool to help decision making in the planning process. They ensure that development is sustainable and does not undermine local distinctiveness, essential character or sense of place.

Character assessment is also used to decide which measures can be taken to manage and enhance landscape.

Current LCAs

To understand the subtleties of the Buckinghamshire landscape, detailed LCAs were made by the former Aylesbury Vale District Council, Chiltern District Council, South Bucks District Council and Wycombe District Council in partnership with Buckinghamshire County Council.

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