Buckinghamshire Council Care Leavers: Our Local Offer

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Support for young people in custody

If you are age 18 or under

If you have to spend time for any reason in a custodial facility, in addition to your social worker and Personal Advisor, you will be allocated:

  • a worker from Youth Offending Service
  • a worker from the Offender Manager Unit from within the custodial facility you are in

They will visit you regularly and work together to keep you safe from harm and ensure you have access to services you may need such as education, money, visits, etc.

They will arrange regular meetings with you and help you to develop a constructive plan of activity whilst you are in custody to ensure your time is used effectively.

We will ensure that custody planning and preparation is carried out in advance of a discharge date, and that support is in place for you following release.

If you are over the age of 18

After the age of 18, we will visit you in prison regularly to ensure you are well supported and your needs are being met.

We will provide you with £30 per month for toiletries and spending money whilst in custody, this will be increased to £50 per month as an incentive if you are in education, training or employment.

These payments will continue until the age of 21.

We will work with you and your prison officers to ensure you are being given access to opportunities that will increase your prospects when you are released.