Buckinghamshire Council Care Leavers: Our Local Offer

care leavers

Education, employment and training for care leavers

As a care experienced adult, we want you to be successful and chase your dreams.

We can:

  • offer career information and advice e.g. helping you write or update your ‘CV’ and prepare you for interviews with employers and colleges
  • provide practical advice and support with job applications
  • organise short-term work experience with external employers as well as within the council
  • support you to apply for internships, traineeships and apprenticeships
  • support you to view education, training and employment options within Buckinghamshire on the Buckinghamshire Council and Family Information Service websites
  • signpost or refer you to other agencies
  • assist you to look into voluntary work options to boost your CV if you are not able to work full time for any reason
  • refer you for specialist employment support courses and support you to gain your Maths and English qualifications even after you have left education
  • link in with your job coach to support you into a job that you enjoy and that makes the most of your unique skills and experience

We will also guarantee you an interview if you apply to work within Buckinghamshire Council and meet the minimum requirements.

Pathway plan

If it is part of your pathway plan, we can, on a one off basis, assist with payments of:

  • up to £75 for interview clothing
  • travel costs to get to an interview
  • a (reasonably priced) haircut before an interview


Whilst you are between 16 and 21 years old, the Virtual School can continue to support you, they run a variety of programmes including:

  • a summer programme with St Mary’s University to help you get ready for work and/or education by developing confidence, skills and self-esteem
  • a University taster day with Oxford Brookes University to help you experience what it might be like as a university student
  • work with Trinity College to help achieve nationally recognised art qualifications- artwork is showcased in local exhibitions

If you are thinking of going to University we will:

  • help you choose the right course and university to match your talents and interests
  • help you obtain tuition and maintenance loans as well as any bursaries or other funding available for your chosen university
  • provide an education ‘bursary’ of £2000 which is for the duration of your course and can be used to help you to buy essential items for your studies
  • if necessary, enable you to access your ‘setting up home’ allowance for kitchenware, bed linen and associated ‘moving costs’
  • for your first degree course, based upon panel approval, fully fund your accommodation costs for a reasonably priced room in halls or rental property and half your tuition fees for the duration of your degree course
  • contribute towards the costs of bills if you are living in your own accommodation (not halls) whilst at university

We can also support towards graduation costs, and annual family time costs if agreed in advance in your pathway plan.