Buckinghamshire Council Care Leavers: Our Local Offer

care leavers

Care Leavers who are parents

We want to ensure that you and your children get off to the very best start in your parenting journey.

We can support you to:

  • access the full range of health services (GP, Midwives and Health Visitors)
  • apply for ‘Healthy Start’ vouchers if you are eligible as a pregnant woman or lone parent of a child aged less than 4 years. You can also apply for these yourself
  • apply for additional items for your baby/child via the local baby bank service
  • access additional support through the ‘Family-Nurse Partnership’- this is a home visiting programme for first-time mothers and families, offering ‘well-being’ and parenting support for 2 years of your first child’s life
  • access support via the Family Support Service
  • to understand if you qualify for exemption from medical expenses

When your child reaches 2 years of age, we can help you to look into child care options if you are working or in education, the services you can access will be based upon your individual circumstances, further information can be found here: gov.uk/help-with-childcare-costs

If your own child is open to children’s social care we can support you to understand the processes and provide support in meetings if you request this.

You can access additional advice and guidance from the Family Information Service website or call the team to speak to someone on 01296 383 293.