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Asylum Seeking Care Leavers

If you came into the UK as an unaccompanied asylum-seeking child and you are eligible for leaving care support as an adult you will receive the same support from the Leaving Care Service as all other care experienced adults, providing this is in accordance with any Home Office conditions relating to your individual claim.

Whilst you are legally allowed to remain in the UK and are eligible for leaving care services we will:

  • ensure that you are supported to access suitable accommodation in the area of your choice
  • support you to access education, training or employment
  • support you with opening a bank account or provide you with a pre-paid card if needed
  • support you to access benefits and housing if your asylum claim permits this
  • support you to register with a doctor, dentist and other relevant health services
  • advise you about maintaining your health including attending regular check-ups and provide practical support with this if needed
  • support you to obtain vaccinations
  • help you to access places of religious worship as well as social and sporting activities in your local area
  • refer you to specialist support organisations for refugees, asylum seekers and for people who originate from the same country or community as yourself if this is something you would like
  • support with tracing your family via the Red Cross
  • support to access specialist counselling services with a good understanding of the issues you may be facing as an asylum-seeking young person
  • support you to liaise with your solicitor and the Home Office regarding your asylum claim
  • support you to liaise with your solicitor and the Home Office regarding your asylum claim
  • help you to fully understand the asylum process and plan for all possible outcomes of your asylum claim
  • provide an interpreter for visits and translated copies of your pathway plan if you want these to ensure that you are fully involved in planning regarding your future
  • support you to access alternative funding from the Home Office if you are eligible as you approach the age of 21

If your asylum claim is unresolved and you have no recourse to public funds we can support you with a subsistence payment, in line with the DWP benefit levels up to the age of 21.