Buckinghamshire Council Care Leavers: Our Local Offer

care leavers

Our promise

We care about what happens to you.

We know that it is a big step to reach adulthood and become more independent.

We want to make sure that you feel safe and supported and that you know where to find advice.

We promise to:

  • be there for you and support you as you become independent in a way which suits you and your aspirations
  • let you know about things that might help you to stay connected with former carers, family and friends
  • help to support you with your health and care needs
  • explore your accommodation options with you and to help you find safe and affordable accommodation that suits you and your life
  • explain your finances to you, talk about all your options and help you make good financial decisions
  • help you to believe in yourself, to fulfil your potential and enable you to be successful in your studies, training and career
  • empower you to do things for yourself, to believe in yourself and gain confidence in your own abilities