Guide to grammar schools and the Secondary Transfer Test

Last updated: 4 May 2023

Would you like your child to take the Secondary Transfer Test?

If yes:

  • if your child goes to a state funded Buckinghamshire primary school you don’t need to do anything; we register them for the Secondary Transfer Test automatically
  • If your child goes to any other school you will needed to register them for Secondary Transfer Testing
    • the registration deadline is 3pm on 16 June 2023
    • late registration is only available after this date for children moving into the area.
  • your child will get ready for the test by completing the Familiarisation booklet at home
  • your child will then take the Practice Test followed by the Secondary Transfer Test in September
  • we let you know your child’s results on 13 October

If no:

  • if your child goes to a state funded Buckinghamshire primary school, write to your child’s headteacher to let them know you do not want your child to take the test

In both cases remember to apply for your child’s secondary school place during the first half of the autumn term. Apply to the County or Borough in whose area your child lives.

The national secondary school application deadline is 31 October.

In case the testing schedule is disrupted and results are released after 31 October, we advise you to still include both grammar schools and upper/all ability schools in your application.