Guide to grammar schools and the Secondary Transfer Test

Last updated: 4 May 2023

Under-age and over-age testing

Under-age testing

Sometimes we agree that a child can take the Secondary Transfer Test before the school year in which they are 11. This only happens if your child is of outstanding academic ability.

Your child will also need to:

  • be very mature
  • have been working well with other pupils in the year group above them for several years

We will not agree to test an under-age child if they have only been in some classes with older children.

We will also not test a child if they have only been working in a mixed year group class.

From time to time, we agree to test a child who is over the age of 11.

This might be because your child has missed at least a year of school because they were ill or living abroad or because they were summer born and started school later.

Contact us about testing

If your child attends an out of county school and is under-age or over-age and you would like us to test them, contact us straight away.

We will ask you and your child's headteacher for more information. We will then decide if we will offer testing in this cohort.

If your child goes to a state funded Buckinghamshire primary school or Partner school, you should speak to their headteacher.