Guide to grammar schools and the Secondary Transfer Test

Last updated: 15 April 2024

Secondary Transfer Test results

The result of the testing process decides which type of school will best meet your child's needs. This could be an upper/all-ability school or a grammar school.

Receiving the results

Date test was taken Results received
By 1 October 2024 11 October 2024
Between 1 October and 21 October 2024 31 October 2024

Children who attend a state funded Buckinghamshire primary school

A letter will be sent home advising you how to access your child's results.

Children who attend out of county and Partner schools

Results will be sent to the email you used to register for the test.

What the results mean

On 11 October you will receive your child's Test results.

You will receive your child's Secondary Transfer Test Score (STTS). It will also tell you what your child scored in the verbal, mathematical and non-verbal sections of the test. It will say whether the STTS qualifies your child for grammar school admission.

If your child's STTS is 121 or more, they have qualified for grammar school. This means that we will do our best to offer your child a place at one of your preferred grammar schools on 1 March.

If your child's STTS is less than 121, they have not qualified for a Buckinghamshire grammar school.

Once you know the results

You must apply for your child's secondary school place by the national deadline of 31 October.

If your child did not qualify

You only need to do something if your child did not qualify and you feel strongly that they should still be considered, you have two options:


You can ask for a Selection Review. Reviews will take place in December and January. If your review is successful, your child will qualify for all Buckinghamshire grammar schools. We will be able to consider all your grammar school preferences for the allocation of school places on 1 March.

If your child does not qualify at Selection Review, you may ask for an Independent Admission Appeal for a place at a particular grammar school after National Offer Day on 1 March. The deadline to lodge an appeal will be made clear in the appeals section of our website. Appeals will take place from May 2025.

If you decide to appeal and your child's case went to Selection Review, the Independent Appeal Panel (IAP) will first need to decide if the Selection Review Process was 'fair, consistent and objective'.

If the IAP agrees that the Selection Review was not 'fair, consistent and objective', they will then be able to consider the rest of your appeal for admission to the particular grammar school.


You may decide to wait. You can then ask for an Independent Admission Appeal for a place at a particular grammar school once we tell you the outcome of your application on 1 March. We will refuse your grammar school preferences as your child did not score 121 or above in the Secondary Transfer Test. Admissions appeals take place from May 2025.