Guide to grammar schools and the Secondary Transfer Test

Last updated: 15 April 2024


Children who attend a state funded Buckinghamshire primary school

If your child goes to a state funded Buckinghamshire primary school (this does not include children who attend schools in Milton Keynes) they are automatically registered for the Secondary Transfer Test.

The test is not compulsory, so think carefully now about whether a grammar school place would be suitable for your child.

To withdraw your child from the Test you should contact your child's headteacher before the testing process starts.

Children who attend Partner schools or any other school

If your child goes to a Partner school or any other school, including state-funded schools in Milton Keynes, you need to register your child for testing.

Registration opens on 3 May and closes on 14 June.

We will only register your child after 14 June if you can show you have very recently moved to the area.

Register now

You do not have to pay if you would like your child to take the test for Buckinghamshire grammar schools.

The grammar schools pay for the tests. To avoid unnecessary cost, if you do not think a grammar school would suit your child, do not register them for testing.

If you do register your child for testing and then change your mind, tell us straight away and we will withdraw them.

The GL Assessment Buckinghamshire Secondary Transfer Test is for entry to Buckinghamshire grammar schools only so your child should not use it as 'practice’ for tests in other areas.

Qualification in the Buckinghamshire test only qualifies children for Buckinghamshire grammar schools. Other areas have their own tests.

Late testing

We can test your child later if they are ill on the date of the test, however you must send evidence to show your child was too unwell to take the test.

We will also consider later testing for children who move into the area served by a Buckinghamshire grammar school before 20 June 2025, contact us if this applies to you.