Guide to grammar schools and the Secondary Transfer Test

Last updated: 15 April 2024

Illness on Secondary Transfer Test day and Late Tests

It is very important that if your child is unwell they do not take the Secondary Transfer Test.

Children who go to a state-funded Buckinghamshire local authority primary or Partner school

If your child goes to a state-funded Buckinghamshire primary or Partner School and they are ill on the dates of the tests, they will be able to take the tests when they are well.

Children who attend any other school

If your child is unwell and is due to take the test at a grammar school or other central venue, you must give us evidence to show why your child is not able to take the test. This evidence must be from an independent third party (for example a letter from a GP or hospital). If the evidence shows there were exceptional reasons for your child not taking the test, we will offer one alternative test date.

If your child does not attend testing at the grammar school on the day of the Secondary Transfer Test you will need to tell us why. Unless there is a reasonable explanation, we will withdraw your child from the testing process and they will not have a further opportunity to attend the test.

If your child cannot come to the tests at the grammar school due to illness, we need you to send us medical confirmation for example a letter from your GP or evidence of a need to self-isolate. This letter must confirm that your child was not well enough to take the test. More information will be provided in your invitation.

All children

If your child becomes unwell during testing, and is unable to complete a test paper, they will not be able to re-sit that paper at a later date.

They will only be able to sit the second paper on another date if it has not been started.