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Last updated: 12 April 2022

12. School transport

The Client Transport Team provide transport for students who are eligible for transport as described in the Home to School Transport Policy.

The Client Transport Team doesn’t decide who is eligible for transport, that is carried out by the Admissions Team

How far children are expected to walk before they’re provided with transport

In general terms, children under the age of 8 are expected to walk up to 2 miles to their nearest school, and children aged 8 and over are expected to walk up to 3 miles to their nearest schools.

If part or all of the route isn’t safe to walk along, as decided by Council Officers, children who live nearer than the 2 or 3 miles would be eligible for transport.

For more information see the school transport policy page.

Types of transport

Transport will either be in the form of a ticket for a public bus or contracted council bus, a train ticket, minibus and in some cases a taxi.

Children not attending their nearest school but who wish to travel on council arranged transport

Wherever possible the council make any available seats on council contracted services (not public bus) for sale through the ‘spare seat’ scheme.

For more information see the paid school transport page

Young people attending Post 16 colleges

There is no assistance with transport costs for post 16 mainstream students. More on this can be found on the Post-16 travel assistance for SEND students page.

Timetables and route details for council contracted services

Information can be found on the council run school buses routes and timetables page.

Commercially operated school buses

There is a network of school buses that are operated on a commercial basis by bus and coach companies in Buckinghamshire.

For more see the commercial school buses page.