Help and support if you’ve recently arrived from Ukraine

Last updated: 12 April 2022

7. Housing and living with your sponsor

What will my sponsor’s home be like?

All sponsors houses will be checked by the Council to make sure they are safe, warm, comfortable and suitable for you and your family. We will be checking to make sure the homes have adequate access to a kitchen and bathroom, smoke alarms are installed, there are safe places for storing medicines and chemicals and that outside spaces and sheds are secure.

How long can I stay with my sponsor?

Each sponsor has committed to hosting you for a minimum of six months, but if you want to stay longer and your host is willing and able to accommodate you, this can be arranged with your sponsor.

What happens if my sponsor changes their mind/doesn’t want to sponsor me anymore?

If your sponsor decides after six months or wishes to end the sponsorship early, then they will talk to you about this and the Council’s Sponsor Liaison Officer as early as possible. The Council will then work with you to find alternative accommodation.

Will I be asked to pay rent?

No. Your sponsor cannot charge you rent. The Government is offering each sponsor a payment of £350 per month to cover your rent/bills. This is paid to your sponsor at the end of every month you stay with them.

Will my sponsor provide me with meals or just accommodation?

Just accommodation. However, there is nothing stopping your sponsor offering you meals should they wish to. You will be expected to cover the costs of food and living expenses.