Gambling licensing policy

Last updated: 1 April 2022

List of consultees and delegations of gambling licensing functions

List of consultees

The following persons have been consulted in the preparation of this revised policy:

  • The Chief Officer of Police, Thames Valley Police
  • The Gambling Commission
  • Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue
  • Planning, Buckinghamshire Council
  • Environmental Health, Buckinghamshire Council
  • Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Children Board
  • HM Commissioners of Customs and Excise
  • Premises licence and permit holders under the Gambling Act 2005 within the District
  • Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adult Board
  • One Recovery Bucks
  • Bucks Mind
  • Healthy Minds Bucks
  • Citizens Advice Bureaus
  • Gamcare
  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • Councillors Buckinghamshire Council
  • Town/Parish Councils
  • Association of British Bookmakers Limited
  • The Bingo Association Limited

Delegations of licensing functions

How decisions are delegated based on the different gambling licensing functions
Matter to be dealt with Delegation

Three year licensing policy

Full council & licensing panel (via executive)

Policy not to permit casinos

Full council & licensing committee

Fee Setting (when appropriate)

Full council & licensing committee

Application for a casino licence

Full council & full licensing panel committee

Application for premises licences

Full licensing panel committee

Application for a transfer of a licence

  • The licensing panel (where representations have been received from the Commission)
  • Officers (where no representations received from the Commission)

Review of a premises licence

The licensing panel

Cancellation of club gaming permits

The licensing panel

Applications for other permits


Cancellation of licensed premises gaming machine permits


Consideration of temporary use notice


Decision to give a counter notice to a temporary use notice

The licensing panel

Decision as to whether representation is frivolous or vexatious


In the case of applications for:

  • premises licences
  • a variation to a licence
  • a provisional statement
  • club gaming
  • club machine permits

The licensing panel will make decisions where:

  • representations have been received and not withdrawn
  • conditions are proposed to be attached or default conditions excluded under s.169(1) of the Act
  • the parties have not agreed to dispense with the requirement for a hearing

Officers will make decisions:

  • where no representations received
  • where representations have been withdrawn
  • where conditions are proposed to be attached or default conditions excluded under s.169(1) of the Act and all parties have agreed to dispense with a hearing
  • to determine as to whether representation made under s. 161 is vexatious, frivolous or irrelevant will not influence the Licensing Authority's determination of the application
  • to make a representation as a responsible body in appropriate cases