Gambling licensing policy

Last updated: 1 April 2022

Interested parties

Interested parties can make representations about licence applications or apply for a review of an existing licence.

To be an ‘interested party’ a person must meet one of the following criteria:

  • live sufficiently close to the premises and are likely to be affected by the gambling activities
  • have business interests that might be affected by the gambling activities
  • represent persons in any of the below interest groups


When considering whether a person lives sufficiently close to the premises, the Licensing Authority will take into account:

  • the size of the premises
  • the nature of the premises
  • the distance of the premises from the location of the person making the representation
  • the potential impact of the premises (number of customers, routes likely to be taken by those visiting the establishment etc.)
  • the circumstances of the person making the representation (the interests which may be relevant to the distance from the premises)

In considering whether someone is likely to be affected, the Licensing Authority recognises that there is a broad context in which people may possibly be affected by premises providing gambling facilities in their vicinity. The Licensing Authority will maintain an open mind when considering the circumstances presented in any representation.

Business interests

Having a ‘business interest’ will be given the widest possible interpretation and include:

  • community and voluntary groups
  • schools
  • charities
  • faith groups
  • medical practices

The Licensing Authority will consider the following factors to be relevant when determining whether a person’s business interests may be affected:

  • the size of the premises
  • the catchment area of the premises (how far people travel to visit the premises)
  • whether the person making the representation has business interests in the affected catchment area

The Licensing Authority will not take into account representations that are:

  • vexatious
  • frivolous
  • will certainly not influence the authority’s determination of the application

The representations process

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1972 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000, details of applications and representations referred to a licensing sub-committee for determination will be published in a report.

Personal details will be redacted from representations in the website version of reports.

With a view to facilitating community engagement in the licensing process, the Licensing Authority will ensure that ward councillors and local town and parish councils are notified when a new or variation application is submitted in their area.

The purpose of this approach is not to solicit representations to an application but merely to ensure local communities are notified when applications are made.

Details of interested parties

Names and addresses of people making representations will be disclosed to applicants to enable discussions to take place between the parties to resolve or reduce the areas of dispute.

This information will only be withheld from disclosure on the grounds of personal safety where the Licensing Authority is specifically asked to do so and there is evidence to support concerns.