Gambling licensing policy

Last updated: 1 April 2022

Adult gaming centres and licensed family entertainment centres.

In relation to applications or licences for Adult Gaming Centres, the Licensing Authority will specifically have regard to the need to protect children and vulnerable persons from harm or exploitation from gambling and will expect the applicant to satisfy the authority that there will be sufficient measures to ensure that children do not have access to the premises.

Accordingly, the Licensing Authority will give specific consideration to the following control measures:

  • Implementation of proof of age schemes
  • CCTV
  • Supervision of entrances / machine areas
  • Location of machines
  • Physical separation of areas
  • Location of entry
  • Notices / signage
  • Specific opening hours
  • Staff training
  • Measures in place for staff to recognise indications of problem gambling
  • Measures to recognise and deal with children, including truants

This list is not mandatory, nor exhaustive, and is merely indicative of example measures.

Children and young persons may enter Licensed Family Entertainment Centres (FEC’s) but are not permitted to play Category C or above machines.

The Council will expect the applicant to ensure that there will be sufficient measures in place to prevent children and young persons having access to the adult only gaming machine area.