Planning services and fees

On this page you can see all the planning and building control services we offer in Buckinghamshire, along with our fees for each service. All fees for our discretionary services include VAT.

Planning advice services

Our planning advice services are available to anyone wanting to make a planning application now or in the future. By using this service you could:

  • get the best value out of your development
  • reduce your overall cost and time to develop a project
  • reduce your risk by identifying potential issues early on
  • avoid problems and find alternative solutions where needed
  • be sure that your planning proposal is legal

The planning advice services we offer are:

Building Control services

Building and planning control are two different services that operate at Buckinghamshire Council, however you may need both building control and planning approval when proposing a development.

Read our Building Control services and fees page for further information.

Highways, flooding, and environmental specialist services

Our planning specialists include:

  • Highways Development Management (DM): roads and transport
  • Flood Management and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS): drainage
  • Environmental specialists: arboriculture (trees), archaeology, ecology, and heritage and conservation

If your request requires a planning officer, you will:

  • pay a higher fee
  • may be referred for initial planning advice

Planning application services

In addition to the statutory planning application services we must do, we also offer several discretionary planning application services designed to speed up and improve the quality and value of your proposal.

See our planning application services below.

Tree and hedge services

Our arboricultural team offers a variety of statutory and discretionary services, which are listed below:

Planning enforcement services

See below for the planning enforcement services at Buckinghamshire Council

Other services

In addition to our advice, application and Building Control services, you can find information on our other services below: