Change or remove a section 106 legal agreement

As a developer you may be required to enter a legal agreement ('legal undertaking') to pay for or provide certain facilities before we can grant planning permission.

This applies to developments that may:

  • create a need for additional facilities such as schools, healthcare, sports fields or playgrounds
  • require changes to highways so that traffic can enter or leave the site safely or to manage the flow of traffic
  • need to include a proportion of new homes that are ‘affordable’ for people on low incomes

These legal undertakings are often referred to as ‘Section 106 agreements', after the relevant part of planning legislation.

You can apply to change or remove a legal agreement.

Apply to change or amend an agreement

To modify, discharge or remove a section 106 planning obligation agreement you should complete the application form (PDF, 220 KB).

Then return it by email to the Planning Technical Services team for your local area: