Street naming and numbering


We allocate street names and postal numbers in Buckinghamshire. This includes commercial and domestic developments and house name changes. We liaise with the Royal Mail and notify all emergency services, council departments and utility providers.

It is important to use and display your postal number. This helps the emergency services find an address quickly and easily. Postal numbers are also helpful for delivery companies.

Change or add a house name

Before you apply

You should be the property owner or have their permission before you apply.

However you can make an application for a property that you're in the process of buying. In this case, you should send in your application once contracts have been exchanged. Your revised address will be registered once your purchase is completed.

After you apply

We will check with Royal Mail in case there is a property nearby with the same or a similar name. If there is, Royal Mail will suggest that you make another choice.

Details of your property name or number will not be shown on an Ordnance Survey map until the change is confirmed. This can take up to 3 months.

If you call the emergency services, you must quote your old property name or number as well as the new one. This will ensure you can get help quickly.

How to apply

To change or add a house name you must:

  1. complete an application form
  2. pay online - for charges see street naming and numbering fees

Apply to change or add a house name

Apply for a new postal address

To apply for postal addresses for new dwellings or commercial premises, complete the form: Provision of postal address(es) for new dwellings and commercial premises.

Street naming and numbering fees gives details of charges.

Help with an incorrect or missing address

If you have moved into a new property and your developer or estate agent has given you an address that you are being told does not exist, you need to contact Royal Mail.

Name a new street

There is a legal process for naming new streets. Developers involved in new construction projects may use a marketing name for their street. This may not become the official street name.

The process involves consultation with local Town or Parish Council, the Developer and the Community Board. Once the consultation is complete, the street name becomes official.

Street naming is a lengthy process, so developers need to contact us as soon as possible.

Street Naming & Numbering Team
Buckinghamshire Council
The Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury, HP19 8FF

email: [email protected]

Street naming and numbering fees gives details of charges.

Street naming and numbering policy

View Buckinghamshire Council's Street Naming and Numbering Policy.

Tell us about a broken street name plate

We replace or fix street name plates. Use our Fix My Street service to tell us about any problems:

Fix my street