Apply for a new postal address or street name

Apply for postal addresses for new dwellings or commercial premises.

There is a legal process for naming new streets.

If you're developing a new housing estate and use a marketing name for your street, this may not become the official street name.

What you'll need

You'll need to provide the:

  • planning reference number
  • site address and layout plan
  • name of the water authority that provides water to the property
  • flat layout plans (if appropriate)

Apply now


You'll be sent a quotation for the correct fees when we've reviewed your application.

Postal addresses
Number of properties Fee
1 £226
2 to 5 £361
6 to 25 £421
26 to 75 £721
76 or more £1,009
Street names
Description Fee
Naming of each new street (per street) £510

If you've moved in and have no postal address

If you've moved into a new property and your developer or estate agent has given you an address that you are being told does not exist, you need to contact Royal Mail.

If you're naming a new street

The process involves consultation with the:

  • developer
  • local town or parish council

Once the consultation is complete, the street name becomes official.

Street naming is a lengthy process, so developers need to contact us as soon as possible.

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