Apply for a lawful development certificate

You may want to apply for a lawful development certificate if you need reassurance that:

  • what you want to do does not require planning permission (called 'permitted development')
  • works done in the past were lawful

Lawful development certificates are not compulsory.

Before you apply, you should check to see if you need planning permission.

When not to use this service

You should not use this service if your application relates to:

  • large scale projects
  • a planning condition
  • properties without a postcode or address
  • dropped kerbs
  • developments involving multiple properties
  • some mixed use projects, such as a conversion from one purpose into several new purposes

For these developments use the Planning Portal instead.

What you'll need

To complete your application you'll need:

  • supporting plans and drawings in PDF, JPG or PNG format (the service will tell you what documents you need to submit)
  • a credit or debit card to pay any planning fees

You can save and return to your application at any time. This service does not capture any of your personal data.

Apply now

About your application

Only you can view your application. You cannot give access to somebody else - for example, inviting them to complete the application or pay the fee on your behalf.

Further information

Contact the Planning Team