Report a planning breach

Planning breaches

Building work that does not have the right permission is called a planning breach. A breach is also work that does not follow conditions that were set when planning permission was granted.

Planning breaches are dealt with by our planning enforcement team.

You can report these planning breaches:

  • building an extension, or making changes to a building without planning permission
  • putting up outbuildings or fences
  • an unauthorised change of use of a property or land
  • not following a condition imposed on a planning permission
  • work carried out that is different to what was approved
  • advertisements displayed or put up without permission
  • protected trees being removed or pruned without consent
  • unauthorised works to a listed building

These are not planning breaches:

  • neighbour disputes
  • issues with traffic or roads
  • breaches of building regulations

Report a planning breach

To report a planning breach, choose your local area:

You can also report a breach of Minerals and Waste planning permission or unauthorised development. This can include:

  • tipping of waste on land
  • storage and sorting of waste
  • lorries leaving mud on roads
  • tipping of waste above approved levels
  • sites not being properly restored