Permit scheme for road works and street works

Last updated: 28 April 2022

12. Suspension, postponement or cancellation of a permit

12.1. Suspending or postponing an activity

There is no mechanism for formally suspending or postponing a permit. Should the activity need to occur at a later date once a permit has already been approved then the promoter must cancel the permit and reapply for a new permit. Permit fees apply to the new permit application.

12.2. Cancelling a permit

If a promoter wishes to cancel a permit for which it has no further use, or to cancel or withdraw an application that has been submitted but for which a permit has not yet been granted, it should use the cancellation notice containing the relevant permit number. No fee is payable for cancellations, however, permits already granted will still be charged.

12.3. Continuing to work following cancellation of a permit

An Activity Promoter will be committing an offence if it continues to work after a permit has been cancelled.