Permit scheme for road works and street works

Last updated: 28 April 2022

22. Appendix D: policy statement

Circumstances, in which the Permit Authority will review, vary or revoke permits on its own initiative.

Once a permit has been granted, the Activity Promoter should have reasonable confidence that the road space will be available for them. However, circumstances beyond the Permit Authority’s control may occur which may cause the Permit Authority to review the permit and, as a result, may lead to the conclusion that the permit or its conditions need to be varied or revoked.

The Permit Authority’s policy is to avoid making such variations other than in exceptional circumstances which could not reasonably have been predicted or where the impact is significant. Such events may include floods and other adverse weather conditions, burst mains, dangerous buildings, etc., which may result in traffic being diverted on to the road where the activity was underway or about to start.

If the consequent disruption of such events cannot be mitigated in a way other than by changing or revoking the permit, the Permit Authority will adopt the following procedure:

  1. As soon as the Permit Authority is aware that it may be necessary to vary or revoke a permit, it will contact the Activity Promoter to discuss the best way of dealing with the situation.
  2. If these discussions lead to an acceptable solution for both the Permit Authority and the promoter, the authority will either grant an Authority Imposed Variation incorporating the agreed changes or the promoter can apply for a permit variation from which the authority will grant the new permit.
  3. In the event that agreement cannot be reached, the Permit Authority will grant an Authority Imposed Variation on the terms it considers reasonable but the promoter would have the option of invoking the dispute resolution procedure.
  4. No fee will be charged for variations or the revoking of a permit where it is initiated by the Permit Authority unless, at the same time, the promoter seeks variations which are not the result of the circumstances causing the Permit Authority’s action.

The above policy does not restrict the Permit Authority from revoking a permit if the Activity Promoter is considered to be acting unreasonably and causing unnecessary disruption to the flow of traffic or pedestrians.