Permit scheme for road works and street works

Last updated: 28 April 2022

17. Registers

17.1. Register of permits

The Permit Authority will maintain a register of permits in connection with the Permit Scheme and in accordance with Regulation 33 and 34, Part 7 of the Regulations.

The Permit Scheme requires each Permit Authority to maintain a register of each street covered by their Permit Scheme.

The register should contain information about all registerable activities on those streets and forward planning information about activities and other events, which could potentially affect users of the streets.

Permit Authorities will still need a register under Section 53 of NRSWA for street information. This will cover those streets that are not part of the Permit Scheme, including nonmaintainable streets.

A local register will be maintained by each of the Street Authorities for its own geographic area. It will include information on all streets other than those streets that are the responsibility of another authority.

17.2. Referencing of information

All information held in the register of permits will be referenced to the USRN and the permit register will be Geographic Information System (GIS) based.