Permit scheme for road works and street works

Last updated: 28 April 2022

20. Appendix B: the street gazetteer additional street data

The street gazetteer and additional street data

The Permit Authority will produce a Local Street Gazetteer (LSG) and a copy is held centrally by the NSG Concessionaire. The gazetteer contains the information about the streets in Permit Authorities’ geographical area. The Permit Authority will create, maintain and publish the LSG to Level 3.

Identification of permit street

Systems used by Activity Promoters will need to define if a particular activity is subject to the existing NRSWA noticing rules or this Permit Scheme.

To achieve this, the Permit Authority has defined a specific operational district as the Permit Authority. The OD file for this district is set in accordance with current procedures and by the National Street Gazetteer Concessionaire.

NRSWA notices should continue to be sent to the primary notice authority for the street until the Permit Scheme goes live.

Additional street data

Additional Street Data (ASD) refers to other information about streets held on the NSG Concessionaire’s website alongside the NSG data. The Permit Authority shall provide the following information for the ASD:

  1. The Street Authority responsible for maintaining the street
  2. Whether the street is publicly maintainable, prospectively publicly maintainable, or private
  3. Whether the street is covered by this Permit Scheme or the NRSWA notification regime
  4. Any other authorities and Activity Promoters with an interest in the street
  5. The street reinstatement category
  6. Designations of protected streets
  7. Designations of streets with special engineering difficulty
  8. Designations of traffic sensitive streets
  9. Whether the street is subject to early notification of immediate activities
  10. Where possible, streets on which it might be expected that Section 56A directions may be used (conditions relating to the non use of that street for new apparatus, but not the maintenance of existing apparatus)
  11. Other features of the street. This may include information about structures, environmental areas, parking restrictions, priority lanes, special surfaces, standard surface and special construction needs etc.
  12. Designations may cover only part of a street or may vary along a street. The relevant detail will be recorded in the ASD.

Items (1) to (8) are mandatory and (9) to (12) are optional.