Permit scheme for road works and street works

Last updated: 28 April 2022

5. Provisional advance authorisation and permit types

There are two types of permit covered by the permit scheme.

5.1. Provisional Advance Authorisation (PAA)

Provisional Advance Authorisation (PAA) is effectively an early provisional permit granted before the final details of an activity have been finalised. PAAs are only for major activities, i.e. those which are large and/or likely to be more disruptive. It replaces the advanced notice under Section 54 of NRSWA.

Once a PAA has been granted or deemed, the promoter must serve a full permit application which must be granted or be deemed before activities can commence as defined in Section 5.2.

Once the PAA is granted, the promoter knows that the activities are approved and the affected road space is provisionally reserved. However, as it may be difficult to be certain of the start date three months before the event, the proposed start date is regarded as provisional and may be amended in the application for a final permit.

The granting of a PAA does not prevent the permit authority from subsequently refusing to grant a permit to which the PAA relates.

Unless otherwise agreed with the permit authority in advance, all PAAs must be served with a minimum application period of three months ahead of the proposed start date in line with Table 1 in Section 9.9.

5.2. Permits

Permits are full permit applications with final details for all registerable activities on the specified street. Permit applications are required for all classes of activities defined in Section 6.0.

The timing of permit applications to the permit authority will depend on the proposed activity. A copy of each permit is to be provided by the applicant upon request made by a relevant authority and to any person having apparatus in the street to which the application relates.

All permit applications must be submitted in line with Table 1 in Section 9.9