Permit scheme for road works and street works

Last updated: 28 April 2022

23. Appendix E: sanctions

Failure to obtain a permit, where one is required to undertake specified activities in a specified street, or to commit a breach of a permit condition, constitutes a criminal offence under the Regulations.

The Permit Authority is empowered to employ three courses of action to achieve compliance with the permit scheme:

  • an intervention power (remedial action)
  • Fixed Penalty Notices
  • prosecution

Before resorting to these courses of action, the Permit Authority will always endeavour to resolve problems and achieve the necessary compliance within the Permit Scheme by informal negotiation with the Activity Promoter concerned.

Failure of the promoter to positively respond to such a notice may result in the Permit Authority carrying out the required action and recovering all reasonably incurred costs from the promoter.

As a last resort, and dependant on the seriousness and persistence of the offence, the Permit Authority may either issue a Fixed Penalty Notice or commence legal proceedings against the promoter.