16 and 17 year old young people at risk of homelessness

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17. Discharge from care

As the duty to provide accommodation under section 20 only applies where the young person is homeless, any young person who is accommodated under section 20 who successfully returns home or who subsequently does not appear to have a need for accommodation will be discharged from care.

It will be made clear to young people at the placement agreement meeting that any overnight stays must be agreed in advance with housing support workers and the allocated social worker. This will be monitored by housing support workers.

If there is clear evidence that the young person is consistently returning home for long periods of time, including overnight, this will be notified to the social worker who will make a decision on whether or not the young person continues to require s.20 accommodation.

In making this decision, the social worker will look at:

  • the level of contact with the family
  • the amount of time spent in the supported housing accommodation
  • whether or not the home environment remains safe and suitable for the young person
  • the young person’s relationship with their family