Apply for a late transfer grammar school test (12 and 13 plus)

Results and appeals

Results of the test

Results of testing for those who were tested on 3 February 2024 will be emailed to parents after 5pm.

No information will be published on individual online accounts.

Parents will also be advised by a further email whether, or not, a grammar school place can be offered.

Outcomes will not be published online, and it will not be possible to accept any offer made, through the portal. All communication will be by email.

Parents of those children who are offered a place, or who are qualified but are not offered a place, or children who did not qualify, will be advised, by email, what steps they can take next.

Students who sit the test on later dates will receive results and be advised if a grammar place can be offered, as soon as possible.

The score needed to qualify

In the Buckinghamshire Late Transfer test children need to achieve 121 to qualify.

Qualified children will be placed automatically on the waiting interest list for their preference grammar school/s. We will not be advising parents of the position of their child on a waiting list. Unqualified children will not be added to the waiting list for a grammar school.

Tell us if you do not wish your child to remain on a waiting list.

Once a child’s qualification lapses, the child will be removed from the grammar school waiting list.

The admission rules for each school will decide which children are ranked higher in the waiting list, and therefore may be offered a place. You can find admission rules on each school’s website.

Waiting lists are only re-ranked when a vacancy arises, and at that time the child in position one of the list will be offered the place. The position on a waiting list does not indicate the likelihood of a place being offered.

At late transfer, as there are few, if any, places to offer, we do not process multiple allocation rounds. We will offer available places should any become available.


Your child may qualify for grammar school but may not be offered a place at a grammar school if there are more qualified applicants for the school than places available. If this happens you can appeal against the decision, but most appeals for grammar school places are not successful, even for qualified children. This is because the schools are already full, you should think carefully before making an appeal.

You have a right to request an appeal for any refusal of a school place. The email that you receive on 28 March 2024 will advise how to appeal should you need to.

View more information about school admissions appeals.