Apply for a late transfer grammar school test (12 and 13 plus)

Testing timeline

3 October 2022

Parents register online for late transfer testing and provide school preference(s). 

All communications from us will be to the email address used to make the application.

21 October 2022

The deadline for submitting evidence (where required) is midnight on 21 October 2022.

  • registering for the test & submitting your school preferences
  • address the child must be resident at this address, on this date, for the address to be used for the 1st round of allocations.
  • submitting sibling evidence (advise us whether your child has a sibling at the preference or linked school. If you do not advise us your child may be ranked incorrectly).
  • submitting evidence of Free School Meals (provide your NI Number, your date of birth and the first 3 letters of your surname, so that we may confirm entitlement).
  • submitting evidence of Pupil Premium. Provide a dated/signed letter from your child’s current school.
  • exceptional medical and social evidence - Some (not all) schools have an ‘exceptional medical or social needs’ rule that applicants can be considered under. Refer to each grammar school’s admissions policy. This rule is NOT used to determine any adjustments to the grammar testing process for your child.  If you would like to apply under this rule, you will need to submit evidence to us when you make your application.

This is also the deadline for submitting a completed ‘Adjustments to Testing’ request form and providing any relevant evidence.  Any request, or evidence, provided after this date will not be considered.

12 December 2022

Invitations to sit the test on Saturday 4 February 2023, are sent via email after 5pm.

16 December 2022

Confirmation of attendance must be returned no later than midnight, 16 December 2022.

4 February 2023

Late Transfer test takes place for any of the 8 grammar schools.

30 March 2023

Results of testing for those who were tested on 4 February 2023 will be emailed to parents after 5pm.

The 1st round allocations are made for children who qualified at the test. Parents will be advised if a grammar school place can be offered.

Parents of those children who did not qualify will be advised what steps they can take next.

Students who sat the test on later dates will receive results and advised if a grammar place can be offered as soon as possible.

Qualified children will be placed automatically on the continuing interest list for their preference grammar school/s. We will not be advising parents of the position of their child on a continuing interest list.