Apply for a late transfer grammar school test (12 and 13 plus)

Disabilities or special educational needs

If your child has special educational needs or a disability, you may want to think about whether a grammar school would be best for them.

If your child's special educational needs or disability has ‘a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities', you should talk to their current school headteacher. If your child's situation might make access to the test difficult, discuss whether special testing arrangements should be requested.

Requesting special adjustments

You'll need to request any adjustments to testing to the head teacher at your child's current school. You should discuss your application with them.

If you decide to proceed, you must register your child for the late transfer test once the registration opens on 2 October 2023.

Your child's headteacher will then need to contact us when registration opens on 2 October 2023 to request the 'Headteacher Form' and guidance.

They'll need to return the 'Headteacher Form' to us (fully completed with relevant evidence) by the deadline of 20 October 2023.

We're unable to source any adjustments to test evidence previously provided by parents for any other tests that your child has taken.

When considering a request for adjustments, we look for:

  • evidence from your child's current school to show how they change the delivery of the normal day-to-day curriculum to meet your child’s needs
  • other professional evidence to support your request

We cannot offer extra marks to compensate for any special needs your child may have. This is because each child's case is different. It is impossible to say exactly how many marks would be appropriate. If we decide that your child:

  • is disabled, within the terms of the Equality Act (2010)
  • has a disability that will have a clear impact in relation to the format of the test

We offer appropriate and reasonable arrangements to make the test as accessible as possible.