Apply for a late transfer grammar school test (12 and 13 plus)

The day of the test

The Late Transfer Test is on Saturday 3 February 2024.

The venue and time of the test will be in your testing invitation.

Identification and fit for testing form

When your child arrives for testing, they must bring with them a completed 'identification and fit for testing' form. This form is to enable you to confirm that your child is well on the test date.

You'll receive more information about the 'identification and fit for testing' form with your testing invitation. You must fill in this form and bring it to the late transfer testing session. Without this form we'll not be able to test your child. Attach a photograph of your child to the form so we can check their identity too.

If your child is unwell

It is very important that if your child is unwell, they do not take the Late Transfer Test.

If your child is unwell and is due to take the test at a grammar school, you must contact us no later than the first Monday after the test day, and give us evidence to show why your child is not able to take the test.

We will accept a letter from your GP. This letter must confirm that your child was not well enough to take the test.

If the evidence shows there were exceptional reasons for your child not taking the test, we will offer one alternative test date.

If your child becomes unwell during testing, and is unable to complete a test paper, they will not be able to re-sit that paper on a later date.

You can contact us at contact school admissions