Compliments & Complaints Annual Report 2021

7. Benchmarking with other authorities

Complaints, Compliments and Population

Authority Complaints Compliments Population
Wiltshire (2019/20) 498 (all processes) 0 (not recorded) 500,024
Durham 912 76 per month 530,094
Cornwall (2019/20) 966 1548 569,578
Buckinghamshire (2020/21) 2171 (all 3 processes stage 1) 1029 546,00

The graph above shows some information obtained from some other unitary authorities. Although this information is interesting it may not be directly comparable with Buckinghamshire Council. From conversations with some of these authorities it is clear that there is not a consistent process in how individual Councils assess and manage complaints. For example, some councils may not triage complaints in the same way as Buckinghamshire and so there will be a difference in what is classified as a complaint as opposed to a service request.