Compliments & Complaints Annual Report 2021

5. Adult Social Care (ASC) Statutory Complaints


The ASC Statutory complaints process is a one stage process that encourages local resolution to resolve issues. The complaints process usually begins once the Concern Stage has been exhausted.

ASC Complaints (44) and (75) Concerns

Quarter Concerns Complaints
Q1 21 10
Q2 19 13
Q3 13 8
Q4 22 13

The graph above shows the number of complaints that were received by the Council as well as the number of concerns. The pre-complaint stage is called the Concern Stage, during which, if agreed with the complainant, the service area has 48 hours to resolve issues informally.


The graph below details over the three quarters the outcomes for complaints received in respect of ASC matters. 25 of the 44 complaints received were upheld fully or in part.

ASC Complaints by Outcome

Values Percentage (%)
Upheld 12 27.3%
Not upheld 9 20.5%
Withdrawn 10 22.7%
Part upheld 13 29.5%

Most complaints will have more than one issue to be covered off in the complaint response and this will lead to the whole complaint being in part upheld.

ASC Complaints Average response Time by days

Q1 43
Q2 35
Q3 35
Q4 32

Whilst the statutory timescale allows up to six months to issue a final response to the complaint, the Council has set a local standard of 28 calendar days during which time most complaints are expected to be resolved.


The graph below reflects the average response time by quarter. It should be noted that it can on occasions take some time to resolve the complaint hence the six-month timeframe. The response times are an improvement on the previous year, the average reducing from 40 to 36 days.


Through the year the average quarterly average response time has reduced from 43 to 32 days.