Request a new or replacement bin or box

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You can request a new container for your household rubbish or recycling collections if:

  • your bin or box has been vandalised or burnt
  • your bin or box was stolen
  • you need a different sized bin for your household
  • your bin or box is missing or was not returned after being emptied

We will replace any household bins or boxes that have been vandalised or stolen. There may be a charge for this, depending on the circumstances.

We aim to deliver your bin or box within 6 to 8 weeks.

If you need a different sized bin

You can request a smaller or larger bin if you:

  • find it difficult to handle or move a standard wheelie bin
  • have limited space for household bins
  • live in a household with 5 or more people
  • need more containers for recycling

We may ask for more information about the people that live at the property.

Smaller bins

Anybody can apply for a smaller bin. These can be easier to move or fit into smaller spaces.

Larger bins

Larger bins may be available on request.

For general waste, you can apply for a larger bin if any of the following apply:

  • the household consists of 5 or more permanent residents
  • you have at least 2 children in nappies
  • any permanent resident of the household has a medical / health condition which results in the production of extra waste

We may ask for more information about the people that live at the property and occasional checks may be made to ensure the information provided is still relevant and the criteria are still being met.

For recycling, we will consider all requests for extra recycling bins, bags or boxes or food waste caddies. You will need to pay a fee for each container.

If you are in a new build property

Your bins should be supplied by your developer. If you don’t have any bins, check with your developer before ordering your bins as they may have already paid for your bins.

If your developer is not paying for your bin, you can order a full set of bins using our online form.

Enter your postcode in the 'Get your new or replacement bin or box’ form below to find the order form for your area.

If you are moving house

As a new occupier, check that the previous occupier has left the household bins or boxes. If you can’t find these, you will need to request a replacement. We may charge a fee for this service.

Lost or damaged bins

Our crews return your bins to your collection point. If your bin or box does go missing, check with your neighbours first. If you still can't find your bin, request a replacement.

We may charge for replacement of damaged bins or boxes. You must place the damaged bins at the usual collection point so that we can collect it when the replacement is delivered.

Get your new or replacement bin or box

Your responsibilities

We provide enough containers for waste and recycling collections to every household in Buckinghamshire. You are responsible for these containers. Don’t store bins or boxes on the public highway. If you can, move your bins and boxes away from the roadside after the crews have emptied them. This helps to make sure they are not lost or damaged.

If your bin or box is lost, stolen or damaged, we may charge a fee for replacement.

If you move house, you must leave any household bins and boxes behind for the new occupant. Developers are responsible for buying waste containers for new builds.

Contact the waste and recycling team

If you have a question about requesting a new or replacement bin that is not answered on this page, you can contact us for help.