Order replacement bins or boxes

Use this service to order replacement bins or boxes if yours were:

  • lost or stolen (make sure you check with neighbours and search the area before ordering)
  • damaged through day to day usage

Order replacement bins or boxes

You can order replacement bins for:

  • general waste
  • mixed recycling
  • food waste
  • paper and card

To order replacement bins or boxes, select your local area:

What happens next

New bins or boxes will be delivered within 10 working days.

If your bins or boxes are damaged, you will need to leave the old bin near the boundary of the property. We will collect it when we deliver the new bins.

If there is no container to remove, we may charge more.

If for some reason the old bin wasn't collected when the new one was delivered, you can request a bin removal.

Dirty bins or boxes

You cannot request replacements for dirty bins or boxes.

It is your responsibility to clean your own bins or boxes. There are private companies in Buckinghamshire who offer bin cleaning services.