Developers: bins for new builds

As a developer of residential housing you will be required to:

  • provide bins for residents moving into properties
  • provide suitable storage/presentation areas for domestic general rubbish and recyclable waste which must be safely accessible for both residents and our collection crews
  • tell us when residents are moving into the properties

We recommend you consult with our waste team in the initial planning stages. We can then work together on options and decide on the best waste management solution.

Planning guidance

Planning applications should include full and clear details of the waste management proposals. This important information can form part of the initial application or sometimes be agreed through a planning condition. You can also apply to us for pre-application advice.

For advice on the provisions needed for the containment, storage and collection of waste, including the separation of recyclable materials, see our Waste Management Planning guides:

Before you begin

Before you complete the form, make sure that you have the following details ready:

  • planning and street naming references (from communication with the teams)
  • the number and type of properties being developed
  • site plans to upload, including a site map showing the location of any bin stores
  • if there are already occupants or their moving in date
  • the details of the managing agent taking over care of the site (if applicable)

Request bins for a new property or development

You must request bins for new builds at your development at least 6 weeks before the residents move in.

After you've filled out the form, we will respond to you within 10 days.

Request now

If roads at the development are not maintained by us

If we (the council) do not maintain the roads in the development and they're unadopted, developers or landowners will need to fill in a damage liability waiver.

If you fill out the waiver, you agree that:

  • bin lorries will have easy access to the boundary of properties on the development
  • we are not liable for any damage that the bin lorries or crews may cause to roads, pavements or kerbs on the development

Complete the damage liability waiver online.