Waste Management Planning Guide (Former Aylesbury Vale area)

7. Tips on presenting the information we need to assess your application

Follow these tips on how to present us with the information we need:

  • provide a vehicle tracking plan that demonstrates vehicle accessibility to every roadway on the plan
  • show the storage location of the appropriate number of bins on the residential property (red dot)
  • show the expected collection/emptying location for the bins (blue dot)
  • demonstrate that each property has an outside route (not through the property) to move the bins from the storage location to the collection location
  • clearly mark roads that are private or not being adopted by Buckinghamshire County Council
  • confirm the pull distances for crews and residents
  • where communal waste facilities are being built:
    • clearly show the location of the bin store
    • suitable capacity (no’s of bins) for the number of properties
    • the collection point for crews
    • the distances from the storage compound to the furthest residential property.