Apply to change school during the academic year (in-year transfer)

Grammar schools and transfer testing

You can only apply for a grammar school if you're moving:

  • your child from one Buckinghamshire grammar school to another
  • into Buckinghamshire from outside the county or abroad

If your child has already taken the transfer test, you cannot apply for a grammar school place by making an in-year application. You can apply for a grammar school place through the Late Transfer Process (12+, 13+).

Moving into Buckinghamshire

You can apply for a Buckinghamshire grammar school if you're moving into Buckinghamshire from:

  • another county
  • overseas

Sitting the transfer test

Your child will need to qualify at a transfer test to be eligible for a grammar school place. Find out if you need to apply to us or via the grammar school directly for your child to be tested.

If you list a grammar school on your application, we will contact you to arrange a test date.

It may take up to 8 weeks for a test date and then a further 3 weeks to find a grammar school place if your child qualifies and there is a space.

Your child could be without a school place for 3 months if you do not put an upper school on your application.

Most grammar schools are usually full so we cannot guarantee a Buckinghamshire grammar school place being available through this process, even if a child qualifies. Check the school vacancy list

There is no charge if you would like your child to take the test.