Apply to change school during the academic year (in-year transfer)

Continued interest lists

We'll automatically place your child on our 'continuing interest list' if they're not offered a place at the school of your first preference.

This means if a place becomes available at your preferred school and your child is at the top of the list, we can offer them a place.

We cannot provide updates on your child's position while on the list.

How we rank the list

We rank the list using the schools admission rules when there is a vacancy.

We hold the continuing interest list for each school for the rest of the school year, at which point they close.

If a space becomes available

If a space becomes available at your preferred school, and your child is top of the list when we rank the list, we'll contact you to offer them a place.

Remaining on the list in the next academic year

Continuing interest lists for primary schools or secondary upper schools are not carried over to the next academic year.

You must complete another in-year application form if:

  • you want us to consider your child for a school place for a new academic year
  • remain on the continuing interest list(s)

We'll not contact you to tell you to make a new application.

Removing your child from the list

Your child will automatically be added to the list if we cannot offer them a place at the school of their first preference.

To remove your child from the list, contact school admissions.