Guide to licensing houses in multiple occupation (HMOs)


A single household refers to persons who are all members of the same family or relationship. Cohabiting couples of the opposite or of the same sex are considered to be members of the same family.

A "relationship" means:

  • parent
  • grandparent
  • child
  • grandchild
  • brother
  • sister
  • uncle
  • aunt
  • nephew
  • niece
  • cousin
  • relationship of the half-blood
  • stepchild

Additionally, a person living with their employer's family or in accommodation supplied by their employer is classed as living in the same household. For example, this could be an:

  • au pair
  • carer
  • gardener
  • personal assistant

A single household can also mean one person, living alone in a unit of accommodation within the HMO. For example, this could be a student.