Guide to licensing houses in multiple occupation (HMOs)

Completing the application form

In order to complete the application form you must have the following:

Details (including an email address) of:

  • applicant
  • Proposed Licence Holder
  • Manager
  • owner / joint owners
  • long term tenant(s) / leaseholder(s)
  • any other person willing to be bound by the conditions of the licence
  • mortgage provider(s) and account number(s)

You must have informed these people of your intention to apply for an HMO licence before submitting your application. You will be asked to provide the date on which you (the Applicant) informed them.

You also need to provide:

  • a basic DBS check for the Proposed Licence Holder and Manager
  • details of any accreditations, qualifications and memberships of landlords associations held by the proposed Licence Holder
  • details about the facilities and amenities of the house
  • details of the tenancy agreement
  • details of the scheme in which the tenancy deposit is held