Safer Buckinghamshire Plan 2020-2023

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3. What you told us

In January 2020, we asked people in Buckinghamshire what they thought the biggest community safety issues were.

The survey included multiple choice questions and the opportunity for people to give comments.

  • 2379 people completed the Buckinghamshire Residents Community Safety Survey.
  • 76 elected representatives completed the survey.
  • Almost 1700 respondents provided postcodes enabling geographical analysis.

Types of Crime

Burglary, fraud, scams and motor vehicle crime were the issues of most concern to people.

Over 50% of the most serious concerns resulted from hearing news reports or the experience of others.

Residents in more deprived communities also expressed strong concerns over other types of crime.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Criminal damage, begging and vagrancy and loitering were the issues of most concern.

Over 50% of those who expressed a view, criminal damage, begging, rough sleeping and loitering were the issues of most concern

A larger proportion of strong concerns came from those living in more deprived communities.

Drugs and alcohol

Drugs are of greater concern than alcohol.

More than half of those who expressed strong concerns had personal experience.

Those from more deprived communities had the strongest concerns about drug problems.

Feeling safe

59% of those who took part said they feel very safe when out in daylight compared to 38% living in more deprived areas.

35% of those who took part said they feel fairly unsafe or very unsafe when out alone at night. This increased to 64% in more deprived areas.

17% have been a victim of crime in the past 12 months.

32% of this group did not report the crime. The reasons included believing the police would not respond and feeling that the person who committed the crime would not be caught.

The most common concerns raised in the survey were: Drugs, fly-tipping, lack of police, burglary, youths, speeding, parking and street lighting.