Safer Buckinghamshire Plan 2020-2023

Last updated: 15 December 2021 Download the plan (pdf, 967.9 KB)
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Priority 3: Addressing the impact of drugs, alcohol and poor mental health

Why is it a priority?

Drug and alcohol misuse is often a factor in many offences. It is a particularly linked with crimes relating to night time socialising , sexual violence, domestic violence and abuse, child abuse and anti-social behaviour. Street drinking and drugs are also issues that concern residents.

People suffering from poor mental health are more likely to be targets of crime and anti-social behaviour. You are also more likely to experience poor mental health if you are a victim of crime.

What we plan to do

We will:

  • Support vulnerable people who are either victims or those causing anti-social behaviour. This may involve directing them to support services such as counselling, mental health support, and substance misuse treatment. It may also include safeguarding or protecting individuals where it is appropriate.
  • Continue to build better links to more specialist services to deal with underlying issues such as mental health and substance misuse.
  • Work to address harm associated with the people begging and sleeping rough.
  • Protect vulnerable adults who are at risk of being exploited through drug related crime such as being drawn into county lines or being “cuckooed” into hosting drug dealing.
  • Tackle hotspot areas that are affected by the open drug markets.
  • Closely monitor performance around drug and alcohol treatment to ensure that targeted actions are working and there is continued improvement in key outcomes.