Safety and crime in your community

Domestic abuse, honour based abuse and forced marriage

If you are a victim of domestic abuse it is not your fault. You are not to blame and you are not alone. Help is available. In an emergency, always call 999.

Anti-social behaviour

How to report anti-social behaviour to the police, and organisations that can help if you need support

Crime reporting and protecting your community

Help for victims of common crimes such as burglary and vehicle theft

Modern slavery

Report modern slavery to the police if you know someone who is affected, and find help and support if you're a child or adult victim

Drug and alcohol abuse

Help for anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol, plus how to report drug or alcohol related crimes to the police

Hate crime

Make a report to the police if you've been a victim of hate crime, and find people who can help and protect you

Stalking and harassment

Advice on what to do if you think you are being stalked, who to report it to and organisations that can help

Community Action Days

Buckinghamshire Council is joining forces with local partners to help tackle your Anti-Social Behaviour concerns.