Extremism and terrorism

What you can do if you are affected by extremism

Radicalisation and extremism can lead to terrorist acts of violence, and must be reported to save lives.

You can find out how to make a report about extremism if you:

  • think that someone you know has been radicalised
  • have spotted extremist or terrorist material online

To find out more about the signs of terrorist activity, see the Thames Valley Police website.

Anyone who is worried about extremism can find help and support.

Tackling extremism in Buckinghamshire

Under the Counter-terrorism and security act 2015, we have a legal duty to stop people from being drawn into terrorism.

We do this as part of the government's Prevent strategy.

We offer early intervention, and support people who are at risk of radicalisation.

Our goal is to provide straightforward information and opportunities for people who may be affected by extremist views.

Contact the community safety team

If you have a question about what you can do if you are affected by extremism that is not answered on this page, contact the community safety team.