Anti-social behaviour

What you can do if you are affected by anti-social behaviour

You can report anti-social behaviour if you need help from us or the police.

But you should first make sure that you are speaking to the right people.

Anti-social behaviour is defined as:

behaviour that is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more people not in the same household

Anti-social behaviour can affect one person or groups of people. It can also include:

  • fear of crime
  • concern for public safety
  • public disorder
  • public nuisance

If you think your problem falls under anti-social behaviour, complete a referral form to contact us.

Report a crime or environmental anti-social behaviour

If you want to report a crime, read our guide on how to report a crime to the police.

For environmental anti-social behaviour, you should get in touch with our environmental health team.

Environmental anti-social behaviour can include problems with:

  • noise
  • artificial light
  • smells
  • insects
  • animals
  • smoke
  • fumes or gases

Deter trick or treat visitors

Download and print a 'no trick or treat' poster [PDF 93.1 KB] to display in your home at Halloween.

Contact the Anti-Social Behaviour Team

If you have a question about what you can do if you are affected by anti-social behaviour that is not answered on this page, contact [email protected].