Environmental health, climate change and ecology

Environmental health and nuisance

Report nuisance or unauthorised encampments, contact dog control services or book a pest control treatment

Countryside and public rights of way

The Countryside Code, public rights of way, walking and cycling, waterways and information about ticks and Lyme disease.

Flooding and flood risk management

How to prepare for and deal with a flood, who to contact, making a flood plan, and sustainable drainage

Air quality

Find out information about air quality in your area and check if you live in a smoke control area

Ecology and biodiversity

Find out about ecology and biodiversity projects in our county, how to get ecology and biodiversity planning advice, biodiversity offsetting, and how to report a wildlife crime

Drains and sewers

Check if you need permission to install a septic tank, cesspool or biodisc. Includes information about who's responsible for a drain and who to contact