Anti-social behaviour

Report anti-social behaviour

When you report anti-social behaviour, you will speak to different organisations depending on what you have experienced.

This may be:

  • the police
  • our anti-social behaviour officer
  • a registered social landlord (housing association)

This page shows who you should contact and when.

You should also make a report if have already tried speaking to your neighbours or using mediation, but it has not worked.

You can also use community trigger if you have experienced anti-social behaviour many times.

Make a report

Click the heading that describes what you want to do:

Community trigger for repeat victims of anti-social behaviour

If you have experienced anti-social behaviour time and time again, but you feel as if nobody is listening to you, you can use community trigger to ask us to review your case.

Ask for community trigger

To use community trigger, you must have:

  • made 3 reports of anti-social behaviour within the past 6 months
  • always made your reports within 1 month of the incident happening

Any organisations involved will look at your community trigger, and decide if further action can be taken to stop the anti-social behaviour you have experienced.

The community trigger is not used to:

  • send us a complaint on how an organisation has dealt with your case (for complaints you should contact the relevant organisation about their complaints procedure)
  • report new cases of anti-social behaviour

If you need help with community trigger, call us on 01296 585 858 and ask for your local community safety team.

You can read more about the community trigger process and what is involved.

You can also find out what to do if you want to appeal a community trigger decision.

Find out how many requests we received per year and how we dealt with them.

Contact the Anti-Social Behaviour Team

If you have a question about reporting anti-social behaviour that is not answered on this page, fill out our Anti-Social Behaviour Reporting Form.